Accelerating the 
Evolution of Education

Using generative AI to accelerate every student’s path to success
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The AI Advisor Assistant

Our first product uses generative AI to provide "one-stop" advising for student success. The AI Advisor Assistant uses the newest capabilities of foundational AI models to enable extended conversations that guide students throughout their learning journeys.

Demonstrating Impact of GenAI on Student Success: A Collaborative Approach

CampusEvolve x University of Central Florida x Indiana Tech — Axim Collaborative

Our AI & Education Experience

We are veterans of some of the largest edtech and AI companies, including Microsoft, Blackboard, and Anthology. Our expertise includes:

Generative AI

Developing the first custom generative AI chat experience for New York City Public Schools.
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Education Analytics

Implementing data solutions and AI features for student success in over 750 education institutions.
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Leading Open Education Analytics, a group of 180 worldwide education systems developing open-source data & AI solutions for the education sector.
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Production and Scale

Engineering the onboarding experience for over 100M students to Office 365 during the rapid shift to distance learning during COVID-19.
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